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Posted on: 2017-09-06

So Hurricane Irma comes along and they cancelled the Tampa Bay - Miami Game. I just updated the games file to pull this game out. If you have already submitted picks, I adjusted them to remove the Tampa Bay - Miami game pick and adjusted the higher rated games by 1 point.
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Player Comments

Neal  Picks entered after deadline by Mike, based on phone message provided prior to deadline
Mike R  Elk Hunting week!!!
Darin  Neal wins a pool!! Again!
Neal  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while
Darin  Neal wins a pool!!
Darin  Hats off!
JD Yager  What is a vampires favorite fruit? Necktarines!
Neal  This sucks
Neal  Crazy stuff with Vinnie getting a week win with 50 percent game accuracy and JD blows us all out by 25 points so lets keep the crazy going and let Neal have a win
Mike R  I'm off to Spain
Darin  Nice week Vinnie! 8 Game Winner
Rachel  Neal, I told you I was feelin like a winner this season! Bring it on!
Neal  So I fed some crap out to my cute and sweet little niece about kicking her butt with my picks this year and she dished it back out hard. I lose and now bow down to greatness
Unknown  Help! This is Rachel. My name still isn't in the drop down box. Good luck in week 2 everyone!
Neal  And we are off - good luck all
Mike R  here we go!
Unknown  help! My name doesn't appear on the list and I forgot my username and password anyways hah. Sorry!
Darin  Pray for the bye teams!
Jerry  Neal, what should we do for the MIA - TPA game?
Gary  Neal can you send me your address ,thx Gary

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