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Posted on: 2016-09-21

Mike C is on fire - he gets the week 1 win topping Tom K in the week 2 results. We have another tie for the week two top finishers with Mike C and Mike R - winner to be determined in week three.
Site Updates If you are having problems getting your picks in - Cannot remember your password or something like that - fill out the pick sheet and enter help in the comments field, then add some other helpful words like your name and what the issue is. By adding the word help in the comments, the system should accept your picks - and we can then sort out what is happening. Problems? If you find errors please tell Mike
The site that I scrape the scores from no longer posts scores until the games are over. With that - we do not get the "almost live" results updates. If I have some time I may try to find another site to read scores from.
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Player Comments

Jerry  Hmmm not sure why I donate every year...
Darin  Tell Mike to share a little!
Neal  This is harder than it looks
Neal  At least it can only get better from here I think
Neal  We are live and it is game time
Mike R  Lets go Broncos from San Diego
Ron  Her we go!
Tom F  Thank you hosting this awesome pool again this year. Good luck to everyone and go Broncos!
Neal  This is it and gotta have a win
Tom F  Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016!
Darin  Have yourselves a very Merry Christmas!
Neal  More fun every week and now is the time for a victory
Vinnie  Why aren't my picks showing up for week 13? Did them @ 6p on thurs... technical difficulty?
Darin  not going to eat till I win a pool!
Ron  Happy Thanksgiving! Go Broncos! beat them Patriots
Darin  Happy Thanksgiving!!
Neal  only in the NFL
Terry  ST. Louis is playing Cincinnati not Cleveland my number of 14 is for Cincinnati (14)
Darin  did you hear about the albino deer
Neal  well maybe clueless works

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