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Posted on: 2016-10-19

Attention: In the week 7 pick sheet there was an error, the New York Jets showed up 2 times. The first one (in the game against Los Angeles) this should have been the Giants. If you already submitted picks, you may want to check them. The pick sheet data was corrected at 7:10 pm (10/19).
Site Updates If you are having problems getting your picks in - Cannot remember your password or something like that - fill out the pick sheet and enter help in the comments field, then add some other helpful words like your name and what the issue is. By adding the word help in the comments, the system should accept your picks - and we can then sort out what is happening. Problems? If you find errors please tell Mike
The site that I scrape the scores from no longer posts scores until the games are over. With that - we do not get the "almost live" results updates. If I have some time I may try to find another site to read scores from.
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Player Comments

Neal  Happy New Year
Ron  Happy New Year!!!
Neal  Now I am voting for myself is that selfish I do not think so
Rachel  Thanks Ron! And I'll try to win another Neal! Your vote won't go to waste!
Neal  If i cant win i vote for Rachel
Ron  You did it again Rachel!!! Good job!
Neal  Is this season for picking pool winners over yet
Neal  Eat drink and be Mary well only if your name is Mary otherwise just have fun I guess
Darin  Happy Turkey Day!
Rachel  Thanks Ron! I'll take another win this week please!!
Chuck  Kansas City Denver this week
Ron  Good job last week Rachel! My turn!
Tyler  I'm all rested up after my bye week. Watch out!
Neal  Season is flying and time for a win
Ron  just win!
Neal  You know it
Mike R  Elk here I come ready or not
Neal  This has to get better but this week almost everything is a near wash

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